1# Digital Transaction Banking Fintech in APAC

RootAnt is a technology enabler of Banking as a Service for Digital and Open Banking, specializing in Digital Transaction Banking, creating and connecting enterprises and financial institutions for easier, cheaper and faster financial services.

BANCO Deep-tier Supply Chain Finance Platform

RootAnt’s own branding Deep-tier Supply Chain Finance Platform for Asia regional market, connecting institutional financiers and Anchor corporates, SME and all stakeholders in the value-chain ecosystems, to build more stable, sustainable and inclusive ecosystems.

Digital Transaction Banking Engine

RootAnt enables financial institutions and corporates with Banking as a Service technologies, to create new digital financial products for easier, cheaper and faster financing services in various contexts. With open banking technologies, RootAnt connects the financial institutions with new tech solutions, data sources, enterprise systems, blockchain networks and business partner platforms.

Financial Products

Transaction banking, also known as corporate banking, is the provision of services to help companies carry out trade and commerce. This includes trade finance, supply-chain management, foreign exchange, payments, and cash and liquidity management. With BANCO Engine, RootAnt provides financial institutions with Banking as a Service for Digital Transaction Banking with holistic digital banking products and services, currently covering Business Accounts, FX & Payment, Trade/Supply Chain Finance and Line of Credit.

Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance (SCF) for corporates

Joint whitepaper authored by SBIR3, BYFIN, RootAnt

Evolution of Supply Chain Finance in Japan

Joint whitepaper authored by Fintech Association of Japan, EY Japan, Crowd Realty, RootAnt

Ecosystem approach
Supply Chain Finance Platforms

RootAnt empowers Anchor companies in enterprise ecosystems to lead and launch Embedded Supply Chain Finance platform for their entire value-chain participants, including suppliers and distributors, with the pre-integrated connectivity with financial institutions and the embedded financial products that fit the demand in the specific ecosystem contexts, remote onboarding of suppliers for anchor corporate treasury desks to support supply-chain finance. The Ecosystem approach will create a more sustainable and green economy for enterprise ecosystems.

Case Study

A team of Credit Suisse engineers from Switzerland Headquarter came to RootAnt Shanghai R&D center, learning digital and open banking technologies and piloted a supply chain finance platform with RootAnt.