Better Financial Experience

RootAnt empower global financial institutions to transform to a cross-platform, easy to use and user-friendly investment platform with products & services that improve investors experience.


All modules in one platform

Investment Platform

A cloud platform built with better user experience and cross-platform in in mobility and desktop. The platform supports multi-assets with price feed and liquidity.


The CRM and CEM empower the institutions to understand deeper about their users to offering personalized service and retain with higher customer satisfaction.

Account Management

A friendly and easy to use account portal for investors to open account, deposit & withdraw and manage their investment portfolio.

Affiliate System

A cloud based affiliate system enable the institutions with their channels strategies with multi-level structure and based on different reward mechanisms.

Open APIs

  • WeChat

    RootAnt platform connects with WeChat Open APIs to enable connecting with WeChat account, WeChat role-based & real-time notification and WeChat auto-login.

  • KYC

    KYC RootAnt KYC API aggregator provides real-time identity verification, credit data with official data and Anti-Fraud with behavior analyzes.

  • Acquiring

    The acquiring APIs enable the institutions to gather all leads into one database and use tools to increase the efficiency and ROI of acquiring.

  • NEWS

    RootAnt NEWS API aggregator offers analyzed, visualized and personalized news data in a faster distribution speed for the investors.



UX starts from design, our UX experts will help our clients with core customer value clearing and end-to-end process design to focus on the core experience that will make differentiation and how to apply change management to transform the organization to embrace the upgrade.


Team and people are always the most significant factor that make the plan to the reality. For the change management, the mindset is always the hardcore. RootAnt help our clients to train their team from mindset to action plan, execution and feedback based improvement.

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