Financial Services


Supply Chain Finance
( Deep/Multi-tier Financing )

The multi-tier financing with “Digital payment obligation (DPO)” can provide financiers and regulatory with further transparency and visibility on entire value chain transactions for better risk management and fraud protection. The end-to-end value chain can benefit from it for payable and receivable financing with cheaper cost, easier access and faster processes.

SME Finance

Within the embedded supply chain finance platform, based on real transactions, behaviors, credit records, the SME Finance products could be embedded into the platform as pre-approved credit loans or factoring services or other forms of financing support with cheaper cost, easier access and faster processes.

Green Finance / Islamic Finance

With the better visibility and transparency of transactions in the value chains, the Green Finance and Islamic Finance services can be embedded in the platform with financing support for specific contexts of Green and Islamic purpose transactions and carbon credit collection/trading. The provable and traceable transactions would improve the validation, audit, fraud protection and other pain points in current status for financial institutions.

FX conversion and Payment

In international supply chain and trade, there are challenges in FX conversion and cross-border payment. BANCO Engine enables embedded FX conversion and Payment Open banking gateways for On-demand liquidity management instead of Pre-funded liquidity management and smart routing of corridors with multiple liquidity providers and remittance institutions, saving payment fees for enterprises and lowering operational cost for financial institutions or finance platforms.

Syndication and Securitization

Enabled by TOKENEST – RootAnt’s Cloud Investment Banking Engine, RootAnt could be as a roles of Originator and Facilitator in syndication and securitization (ABS and STO) beyond the Asset management capabilities for both Anchor corporates and Financial institutions, managing balance sheet in a more flexible way and better risk management with credit insurance and guarantee services embedded.