RootAnt = Finance + Design+ Tech + Global

With a combination of experts from Finance, Design, technology and international cooperation, RootAnt empowers global financial
institutions to transform to a cross-platform, easy to use and user-friendly financial platform with applications & services
that improve end user experience, solving the global pain point. RootAnt cooperates with clients and partners in more than 10 countries.



  • Front-end Replacement

    Design a brand new front-end with better experience, connecting with FIX APIs without pressure to change the current back-end.

  • Application Enhancement

    Between the new front-end and the existed back-end, build a middleware, upon which to extend more applications and services that improve user experience.


Front-end Replacement

The service is a combination of consultation, design and development with a roadmap covering from strategy to planning and execution.
The methodology of strategy is firstly to analyze the target market, user portrait, customer needs, the ROI of the project and find the gap between the target and the current status. The planning stage would draw the customer journey with end to end process with key features and the style of the UI. By analyzing the current system architecture to figure out the resources needed for the optimization. With a clear work flow, the execution would not be a challenge for both teams even in cross-border cooperation.


Bringing younger generation to the financial world can be a painful challenge for financial institutions. Gamification, a game liked financial application is the best approach to bring them closer.


RootAnt compound experts spend 2-3 days with participants to build a full mindset of Finance, Design, Tech and Global vision with guidelines showing how to mine customer needs from feedbacks & behavior analysis, how to innovate from an idea to a prototype, how to progress the innovation in an agile way and how to face the challenge of change management.


Account portal

A friendly and easy to use account portal for investors to open account, deposit & withdraw, check transactions and manage their investment portfolio.


The CRM and CEM empower the institutions to acquire users in a more efficient way (smart Ads), deeply understand users to offer personalized service by user behavior analysis and retain them with higher customer satisfaction.

Engagement and Rewards

Without user engagement and rewards community, there is no user-centric strategy. The engagement and rewards system makes the financial institutions stay closer with their users especially those who are contributors and key opinion leaders.

Affiliate and Referral System

A cloud-based affiliate system enables the institutions with their channels strategies with multi-level structure and based on different reward mechanisms. And the referral mechanism between the users take the leverage of social network, which works best for user acquisition.

Data Aggregators

  • Price Feed

    RootAnt Price Feed Data aggregator routers global markets real time price feed - Stocks, Futures, Bonds, FX, Commodities, Crypto, ETF.

  • KYC

    RootAnt KYC Data aggregator provides real-time identity verification, credit data with official data and Anti-Fraud with behavior analyzes.

  • NEWS

    RootAnt NEWS Data aggregator offers analyzed, visualized and personalized news data in a faster distribution speed for the users worldwide.


  • WeChat

    WeChat Open APIs enable to connect financial platform account with WeChat account, WeChat role-based & real-time notification and WeChat scan & auto-login.

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