BANCO Engine

BANCO Engine

Banking technology as a Service

BANCO Engine as a complementary satellite engine of existing core banking systems of the banks or financial institutions can enable the banks to achieve the digital and open transformation in transaction banking.

Core layer “Engine”

Product Factory
Risk Management

Middle layer “Tower”

Streamlined Workflow
Data Management

Open layer “Adaptor”

Open APIs

Cloud is the foundational layer, which reduces costs and allows for scale. And APIs will play an increasingly dominant role in transaction banking. APIs could allow banks to easily share data or software services either internally, or bilaterally with partners, or openly with many third parties. As the key to digital transformation, extensive cloud-base, API-driven interaction with enterprises will be the norm, with ecosystems creating cross-industry revenue opportunities.


a Network of supply chain assets on Blockchain

BANCO Chain is a Blockchain network as permission chain originally designed for supply chain finance, to streamline workflow and share data across all stakeholders in the ecosystems without compromise of data privacy and security.

Benefit from the advantages of blockchain - transparency and traceability, BANCO Engine would sync with BANCO Chain for the records of transactions, instruments and other key credit data among the ecosystem stakeholders to help the financiers with better risk management and the enterprises with cheaper financing cost, easier access, faster processes. All stakeholders in the ecosystems can join BANCO Chain, including enterprises, financial institutions, regulators, governments and others.

BANCO Chain Committee

The advisory team made up of a diverse set of leading banks, core enterprise industrial leaders, building common frameworks, benchmarking and standards that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity the ecosystem supply chain finance services and products.